Tourism doesn't get much more sustainable than Jasmine Cottage

The Welsh Government are very keen on promoting sustainable tourism and Jasmine Cottage is at the forefront of this drive. There are a huge variety of walks available right from the doorstep, the car doesn't need to move. There are top quality pubs and bistros within 30 minutes walk of Jasmine Cottage, the car can stay right where it is. Should guests wish to cook their own food, have a barbecue on the sunbathing terrace or just relax at Jasmine Cottage, they can rest assured that Jasmine cottage's carbon footprint is among the lowest of any cottage in the UK, thanks to the top of the range insulation and the all-electric highly energy efficient heating system. According to our energy supplier, the average home creates 1.6 tonnes of carbon dioxide per year. Jasmine Cottage produces just 0.3 tonnes!